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Oh my. My grandmother is driving me crazy. My migraines have increased since she come to live here. I used to have migraines long ago and they had stopped for the most part. Now, they are back. The sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard for me. She does nothing but fucking complain. I know she is my grandmother but DEAR GOD, STOP FUCKING TALKING FOR FIVE MINUTES!!! Ahem. Sorry. Find out more about her here and here and here AND here. Look, I completely understand that she's my grandmother and I should have respect for her for that fact alone. She's never been a grandmother in the ways I define a grandmother. I guess that's why I feel like she's my mother's mother and not my grandmother. And I guess that's why she pisses me the fuck off. She doesn't really have a sense of what is appropriate to talk about when. And will talk about anything at the most inappropriate times. And all she does is complain.

(yes, I'm complaining now...shut up. I have to vent).

Moving on....

I'm beginning to calm down a little big with the house issues. I called our warranty company tonight and they are sending some plumbers and electricians out to look into some of our issues. That makes me happy. I want things fixed...and I want it now..kinda like this weight loss thing.

Why, in the hell, does it take so long to take the weight off and takes no time to put it back on? That pisses me off. I know last week was earned but still. It took one week to put the same two pounds back on as it took three weeks to take it off. I guess that's part of it and I guess I'm feeling a little frustrated. I want to walk but I'm having to help my mom with my grandmother. My mom is going to have to start doing it herself. I need to walk to relieve some of this stress. It's important for my mental health and physical health. The weight would come off easier if I could walk. We'll see what happens.

Thanks for listening to me bitch. Appreciate that.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Crystal - Hang in there! It is normal to feel the way you are feeling and definitely keep venting. You have to stay sane. And if walking is keeping you sane, you have to keep doing it. You can't help take care of anyone if you are in the dumps.

    Monica said...
    I was asking myself that question alllll week(about why it takes so long to take off weight but not that long to put on weight) Its friggin unfair!!

    Im sorry about your issues with your grandma, and I think that you deserve a nice, heatlhy break! Go get a massage, or a new haircut and/or color...treat yourself so you will get refreshed and more motivated! :)
    "4 oz" said...
    Crystal - that's what the blog is for...vent away! Definitely try to relieve your stress by walking if you can. As for the weight gain vs weight loss - I guess if it was so easy, what would be the point? Think of the sense of accomplishment we feel when we drop a pound or two...I look at it as the ultimate challenge in life. It sucks at time, but I do love feeling like I can conquer anything when I see the scale go down.
    Dawn Beardsley said...
    Hi Crystal,

    I agree with the others, keep on venting and walk, walk, walk. It will help in so many ways. You have so much going on with your life you need to take that time for yourself and stay positive. Hope your day gets better.
    Stormy Vawn Bradley said...
    Hey there....
    It is wrong that your post today made me smile..? I wonder if we are related, because our grandmom sounds like my mom. I do not also enjoy her visits. I can totally get what you are going through. It seems like so many of use are going through the same thing. But can and we will get through this. Check out my blog sometime.

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