A Hard Lesson Learned

I dreaded the scale this morning. I knew it wasn't going to be good. I knew the scale was going to show my transgressions of the week. And I was right. I was up 2 pounds this morning, weighing 247.2. And I wasn't surprised.

This week, I did not concentrate on myself. I did not cook every night like I normally do. I did not stay 100% on plan and I ate things that I haven't been eating. There hasn't been a binge but there has been continuous bad eating this week. It started with Tuesday, the day the house closed. Supper was Wendy's Jr. Cheeseburger with a cup of Chili. Wednesday's lunch was Fuddruckers Cheeseburger with fries. And yesterday's lunch was Joy of Tokyo (a Japanese restaurant). Last night's dinner was pizza. Things have been so hectic this week that this was easier. But as we all know, easy is not always best. I did not expect to lose this week but gaining two pounds is also something I did not expect.

I know that I need to take time for me, regardless who else I am having to take care of. I know that I need to make sure I put the healthiest things I can into my body. I am important enough, if to no one else, to myself to do this. This has been the first whole week of backsliding. Yes, I have had a time when I completely lost control. But it was different this week. I was in control and knew what I was eating. I was just so busy, tired, and aggravated to care.

This week will be different. I have learned it has to be. I have actually felt worse this week than I have in past weeks. I haven't had as much energy. Yes, this week will be different. And all other weeks after that. I have learned a hard valuable lesson. I don't want to undo all the progress that I have made.

I'm back on track.


  1. "4 oz" said...
    Isn't it funny how once you start to eat right, foods like burgers and pizza really make you feel horrible? My face breaks out right away when I eat greasy food. Plus, I feel like I'm simply going through the motions when I eat that stuff - I don't enjoy it anymore. But the week is over - I'm sure you'll do great this week!
    jo said...
    I love it when I read a plan to go along with less than perfect week. (You realy had a busy, stressful, hectic week, though.) That's motivating to me.

    There's an awful lot of sodium in the food you consumed this week that you're probably not used to when cooking at home. So some of that may be water weight.
    MackAttack said...
    Sorry it's been a rough week, but doesn't it feel good to realize you know how to make yourself feel better?

    I agree with Jo that a lot of it will end up being water weight...

    Also, I tagged you on my blog-check it out!

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