Is This Wrong?

Not sure what is wrong this morning but my tummy started hurting after I ate. Not a nauseous kind of hurt just tummy pain. I hope it goes away.

Okay, my question today is this: Is it wrong for me to feel aggravated with a coworker who has lost more weight than I have in the four weeks she has started? I was the one who encouraged her to start and all she talks about is how much weight SHE has lost, how much exercise SHE does, and acts completely uninterested in what I'm doing. I have really stopped talking to her for the most part. Not just because of this but other ways she makes me feel very negative about my day and work. She talks bad about everything at our work.

Also, I was talking with a different coworker about my grandmother and this coworker fussed at me for talking about my grandmother. I told her I wasn't talking to her and that she did not have to listen if she didn't want to hear what I have to say.

Anyway, back to my original thought. She has a personal trainer (because she can AFFORD to). Her husband is very wealthy so the money she makes working, is "play money." She talks about eating organic and all this nonsense. And it aggravates me. She is unconcerned about anything having to do with my weight loss. It's all about her. I think I am going to continue not talking to her. I don't need or want negativity in my life right now. I am proud of my progress. I have seen the scale dip down this week after my loss on Saturday. I am hoping to at least get back to where I was two weeks ago (245).

I haven't started walking yet. I want to do this tonight whenever I get home. I have also order The Biggest Loser Cookbook, the first one. I have the 30 Day Jump Start and the Family Cookbook but I wanted this one.

Hope everyone is having a good week! Two days til Friday!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Shake the haters off Crystal.

    Even though its hard, don't measure your progress against her. There's always going to be someone who is doing better than you. (Consequently, there's always someone who's doing worse than you too.) You need to measure your own accomplishments against yourself!

    You know, at one point you had posted how much weight you had lost since the beginning of the year -- i thought you said something like 20+ pounds. This triggered me to want to count my weight loss since the beginning of the year. At that point, I'd only lost 9 pounds. I got so depressed. I even wrote a post about it (Funkville).

    But that very same day I read a post that someone wrote (Roni == this post ==> )and it really spoke to me. I need to stop saying ONLY and be proud of myself.

    Who cares what she's done! Be proud of you! Who cares that she's not talking to you about your weight loss? You've got us! She doesn't! Who cares that she doesn't understand about your grandma? We do! Michael does! See, imagine if you didn't have this support system you DO have. It would be way worse.

    So, for right now, be proud of what you've lost with food alone. Imagine if you were able to exercise also! Or if you had a personal trainer. You would be unstoppable. :o)

    (Plus, if she started after you, remember that you lose weight at a faster rate at first. It will taper off somehow. I used to get big losses by week, (started in Oct), now I'm happy to just see 1 pound loss.)

    Hang in there. (And if she doesn't want to hear about your grandmother as you talk to SOMEONE ELSE, maybe she should mind her own damn business. Ahem. Ok, I'll stop writing. Since I have written a comment longer than your post. Smile)
    Anonymous said...
    I forgot the post I mentioned, because I am a moron. Here it is ==>
    H.K. said...
    Good for you for deciding not to talk to this lady! She's sounds like a piece of work. In addition to losing the weight we need to lose the negative people as well.
    Monica said...
    If this chic is being cocky about it, it will bite her in the ass.

    I agree with Lola, shake the haters off. Its all about your intentions...wish her well and go about your business. She doesnt even sound like shes worth your anger.

    Just keep smiling, itll make her wonder what youre up to :)
    Crystal said...
    I LOVE YOU LOLA! You made me shed a tear. You guys help me so much. You are so encouraging and helpful.

    Thanks H.K. She's a huge piece of work. And, I am glad I "cut ties" with her.

    Thanks Monica. I love the keep smiling comment. She is the type of person who wonders about others. Example, her listening to my convo.
    "4 oz" said...
    Crystal, think of that old folk tale of the tortoise and the hair. Slow and steady is the winning combination. Any "weight loss" that produces fast results usually means it's just as fast to gain it back.

    Ignore her and focus on your wonderful self!
    jo said...
    You know what? Wish her well on her journey but otherwise completely ignore her.

    She's an energy vampire and a diva. No one needs to be around those kind of people. They're all around us, but as you are doing, ignore. Handle it with grace--she obviously has none.
    MackAttack said...
    oh boy, self centered and self righteous. yikes, I'm sorry. I have serious issues losing weight and it sucks to see it work for someone else. It sucks more when it's not a group activity and the discussions aren't reciprocal. Can you push back from her? Share your stories with someone else? I'm trying to focus on healthy lifestyle choices instead of numbers, although I do still get jealous of the people that get to lose much quicker than I do...
    crazynlovemom said...
    Stop beating yourself up and start looking at the things your doing right. Sure she might be losing more right now, but if you stick with it, in the long run your weight loss will be a long term loss.

    Keep up the good work.

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