Tomorrow's the Day

Oh my gosh! I'm having such a hard time finding time to write this blog. I am helping my mom with my grandmother. She is more work than actually going to work is. By the time she has eaten dinner, taken her medicine, and calmed down for the evening, I am ready to read or go to sleep. Tonight is the first night that she has eaten before 7:00. I am not quite sure how we accomplished this but I am seated at my computer.

Tomorrow's the day. Michael and I become a homeowners tomorrow. To be honest, it makes me a little's just nerves. I know we can do this but my Lord, there's so much to do. The house comes with a few glitches but for the price, we couldn't have gotten anything better. I know that it's going to be worth it, especially when we start making the house "ours," when it becomes "home."

I did better with my food today than I did last week. I have eaten all but 200 of the calories I am supposed to eat. I really want to start working on my sodium intake now. I think the water has helped flush out the sodium but I know it's not a cure. I have stopped adding salt to my food and that was a big step for me. The water is getting to be a habit and is getting easier. I actually feel dehydrated when I don't drink my water.

The whole plan is getting better for me. I know it will get easier as I go. I am not so naive to think that the whole emotional eating is over, but it's getting better. I can control it and this blog helps tremendously.


  1. "4 oz" said...
    Again...congrats! Don't get overwhelmed with all of the paperwork! Woo hoo! Homeowner!
    Anonymous said...
    Hang in there! And congratulations again...
    jo said...
    Your wrist will get tired tomorrow signing papers. ;-) CONGRATS on the new home!

    You're doing a great thing helping with your grandmother. I know it's difficult, though.

    Good job with your food. I gave up salt on everything but eggs and potatoes. I just can't shake the habit, ha ha, with those two things. It does help, doesn't it?

    BEST WISHES tomorrow! How exciting for you!!!
    MackAttack said...
    Congratulations home owner! Good Luck with the marathon day you'll have!

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