I'm Cold and Tired

Okay, so I'm waiting for my car to warm up before I head out to work. I hate getting in a cold car and waiting for the heat to warm things up.

This weekend was a productive weekend I think. My mom and I got to work cleaning my new house on Saturday. It was a long drawn out process enhanced by the fact that my mom LOVES to clean. She was in her element. We dusted EVERYTHING, vacuumed EVERYTHING, and mopped EVERYTHING..except the kitchen. It smelled so much better when we were finished. My body is still sore from doing all this but it was worth it.

On Sunday, Michael and I went to Lowes and picked out paint to paint the kitchen. I want my kitchen done in sunflowers. I want it to have a bit of a country feel to it.

I think looking around the house this weekend, Michael and I became a little overwhelmed with everything we still have to do. There are things with the electrical components that need to be worked on. I have to call the warranty company and see what to do about not having hot water. So much to do. But, it's worth it. I know it's worth. It's our home now.


  1. Lynn from For Love or Funny said...
    Hi Crystal,
    I'm so excited about your new home! The possibilities are endless. Have you seen TheLetteredCottage.blogspot.com? Layla is a terrific interior designer who shares her journey as she and her husband re-do their country cottage. Check it out if you have the chance. The pictures are amazing, and they always inspire me to jazz up my little cottage.
    H.K. said...
    Reading your post makes me can't wait to have a home of my own again!

    I love sunflowers too and decided that will be the colors I will use for our home in the future.
    Carol said...
    Nice blog, new homes are as tiring as exciting. But claiming it yours is really something. Have a great week.
    Renee said...
    I know how you feel about your Grandmother, with me it is my Mom.
    Hang in there, it is hard, find me time. Have you tried ear plugs?
    I work from home and when working I use ear plugs when she won't stop talking. Closing my office door should work but Not.

    Walk, don't give it up. It helps with stress and much more.
    Lots of luck with your weight loss.
    I'll cheer you on!!!
    Check my site you'll find caregiving information that might help.

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