Since I haven't been blogging, what is it that I have been doing with my time? Well, honestly, I've been lazy and haven't done anything constructive. I have discovered Facebook and along with that, Farmtown and several other "games" such as this one. If you want to "friend me," my email is bagwell123 at gmail dot com.

Also, for the first couple of weeks of not blogging I read the Twilight series. A couple of four times. Consecutively. Every day, during breaks and lunch. If I didn't need sleep, I would have read during that time. Also, after reading these, I decided to pick up Anne Rice. So I read the first five Vampire Chronicles books, the first book in the Mayfair Witch Chronicles, and now I am on the second book. So I read a lot.

And, as I said in the previous post, I decided to get married earlier than originally planned. So, for the last two and a half months, I have been planning my wedding with help from my mom and some input from Michael. He's not really into the "planning" part. But, that's fine. I have enjoyed this immensely, because I never thought I would get to do it. I have always maintained I would never get married because I would only marry him. Michael has always been "the only one for me." No kidding.

For the most part, my eating has been okay as I have said in the previous post. I have had times, mostly on the weekends, that I eat out of control. Seriously. Like a bag of chips and dip. But during the week, I am VERY strict on myself. I think this is how I have maintained what I have. Since I have started back blogging, I hope this will help me stay on track on the weekend as well. We'll see.

Thanks to those who have left me comments. I will start making my way around again. I'm going to ease back into this so it doesn't feel like something I HAVE to do. I want it to be something I want to do and something cathartic again for me.


  1. SeaShore said...
    Farm Town sucked up about 3 weeks of my life, too ;)

    Good luck getting back on track.
    H.K. said...
    I totally relate to you on only blogging because it's cathartic and not because it's something I have to do. After a semi-absence from blogging during the summer, I've made a choice to only blog because I want to and not because I have to.

    Glad to see you back!
    Ryan and Amanda K. said...
    Glad to see you back! I've missed reading. : )
    Val said...
    Girl I looooove the Twilight series. So addictive. And Farmville takes up quite a bit of my time as well ;)
    Nice to see you back tho :)

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