It's Like a Volcano

This is how I explained it to Michael on Saturday night. We went out to eat at a Mexican place we both love and Friday night came up. I really forget what he said that made me think he just wasn't getting my issue, but I was trying to find a way to explain Friday night to him.

I started by telling him I had not done something like that in around two years. I had not allowed myself to get that low. I used two analogies to explain what I feel during a binge of emotional eating. One of the first things I explained was that I honestly cannot taste the food I am eating during a binge. It's different than when I sit down to eat a meal. The food I eat during a binge all runs together and nothing is special in each food.

The other way I explained it was that it's like a volcano. Once a volcano starts, you can't stop it. Yes, I can control what I am eating on a normal everyday basis. But it's like I lose count and lose memory of what I am eating. It's a drug or alcohol addict that goes on a binge and can't stop.

My goal is to not let Friday night happen again. I always have this blog to vent out my feelings and write down my thoughts. I also have tons of books to read and movies to watch. Anything is better than eating and destroying my body.

If you are an emotional eater or binge eater, what does it feel like for you? Do you realize what you are eating?


  1. H.K. said...
    I'm a big emotional eater, so I know what you meant by the volcano analogy.

    It's really scary to eat something and then look down and realize that it's all gone! What I'm doing right now is writing down what I eat and writing down how i felt before or after. Did I feel full? stuffed? satisfied? For some people, it may sound like work, but its the only way for me to be accountable.

    I always enjoy your comments on my blog!
    sundaezchild said...
    Hi, I'm a recovering, well, everything. I can relate to the binge, volcano out of control feeling. The bad news is, slips can and do happen. The good news is, they are only temporary bumps in the road. You are doing great. It will get easier. That old saying "one day at a time". Does work.
    Hang in there,
    "4 oz" said...
    Hello! I like your volcano analogy, and I'm not big on science...but I could swear that scientists are able to PREDICT when a volcano is about to erupt...right? Aren't their clean signs of the upcoming catastrophe? Smoke from the top, rumbles in the ground...? What I'm trying to say is - empower your thinking. If there is a volcano in you that cannot be stopped once it erupts- learn to look for the signs and try to control it. You'll get there...congrats on the weight loss from your previous post!
    Anonymous said...
    It helps me to know when I will probably want to binge. For me its definitely hormonal and tied to my menstruation and ovulation times. I KNOW that during those times I'm going to feel cravy so I account for them (well, I try to).
    pehpot said...
    hello there! visiting from LR

    Make or Break

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