Okay, so proudness might not be a word but I am overflowing with it. This weight loss thing has not been easy for me. In fact, it's been a downright bitch. BUT..I do know that it is going to be worth it because I am becoming healthier.

So you wanna know the reason I am overflowing with proudness? One of my coworkers pulled me aside this morning to tell me how proud they are of me. I did not realize that anyone at work knew or realized I was losing weight. She said she did not want to embarrass me but I was looking great. She asked what I was doing and what not. I explained the basics to her. She said they she and some other coworkers had noticed that I was losing weight and she wanted to tell me this.

I cannot begin to describe to you how happy and proud I was with myself. This makes my heart feel so good to know that someone else is noticing my hard work. I have been able to tell since the first five pounds I lost. But knowing that 20 pounds into this, someone else is noticing too is a great morale booster for me.

And then, on top of this today, one of my clients brought me some goodies from the Atlanta Bread Company. I had processed her case with a quickness because her child needed surgery. She brought all kinds of little cookies and cakes. I was so tempted. With the exception of my compliments from my coworker, work today was horrible. So, I was feeling a bit down. Normally a cookie or cake would have been just what I wanted...but not what I needed. I set the goodies on an empty desk, walked around to everyone and told them about them, and went back to my desk. I sat there, ate my cantaloupe and did not get up until the goodies were gone.

I'm overflowing with proudness. I know I can do this. It's baby steps like this that help me. I can do this. We all can do this. I just have to start believing in myself more and know that this is for me.


  1. RD said...
    Well, congratulations for a worthwhile efforts. Although your efforts gives great benefit for yourself, it's nice to hear other people are inspired and appreciated your achievements. Keep it up!
    cathy said...
    Wow, I would have dug right in to those cookies. No self-control here lately.

    It is a great feeling to know that other people see the progress you're making!
    Nellie Butler said...
    Sounds like you're doing great! I'm a sucker when it comes to the sweets. You are a strong woman:)
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Crystal,
    So glad to see you are making it happen!
    I had a good family friend, cousin Darrel,(no my other cousin Darrel) He spent his whole life on disablity, since he was 5 years old because of his weight. He is gone now at 50 years. Yes his weight got to him in the heat of summer, he seen it coming and told his family so.
    The point is, I watched him lose a whole lot of weight one year, as he walked everyday, and he walked as fast as he could at a steady pace. We could all see the great shape he was forming, Wow, I had never seen him looking so good and told him that he was looking so.
    Well he moved to another area and quit his daily work out and as you can guess a few years later he passed.
    He was no little man, 400 plus lbs. always, so you can see how much work he had cut out for him.
    The point is keep going and you will succeed, the picture of you, as you would prefer to be, will happen! Then when you look back at the past in years to come, you will always smile, because success is a beautiful thing, as you are.
    God Bless you & family, JO
    Anonymous said...
    Woo Hoo! Way to go girl. You are doing fabulous. It is soooo nice when people start to notice. Results fuels motivation.
    attygnorris said...
    Good job on sticking to your weight loss goals. I know it isn't easy, but the rewards are great. Healthy-living will make you happier, period.

    H.K. said...
    I am so happy and proud of you!!!

    I also think how great your co-worker was to come and compliment you. I don't lose weight so that others can notice, but boy it feels good when they do notice and then compliment on it!

    Congrats on the 20lbs weight loss and I can't wait until I lose 20lbs!
    Handmade Wreaths said...
    Rock on with your bad self. Its a journey marked by many little decisions. Yes! Be proud of yourself!
    deandean said...
    Hi..I'm your follower now. I like the way you write and I find your posts interesting because I get to know how it feels when people finally get some rewards for something they put lots of effort into and also when they're feeling not-so-good. Goodluck..

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