Deleting Comments

This post is in regards to the comments left in this post.I DO NOT delete comments on a regular basis. I truly value everyone's opinion and advice. I have learned so much from fellow bloggers. Having said that, I say this. I will delete comments that are hurtful, nothing but advertisements, and especially if they advertise "quick fixes" and nonsensical products. Don't post those things here. Feel free to promote your PERSONAL blog, not a blog filled with advertisements or promoting the next new promise.

That is all.


  1. "4 oz" said...
    Bravo and well said! I've googled "diet blogs" to try to find people like us - you know, cool people with entertaining blogs ;) - and I always skip over the blogs meant to brainwash people into trying some new product. After years and years of dieting, I have finally learned the secret: portion control + water + exercise = success. No drugs needed.
    Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...
    How to deal with comments is always a concern for bloggers. I think you are handling this concern well. I keep comments set to moderation on all of my blogs to avoid the spam comments.

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