I am thrilled many of you have looked forward to reading my Biggest Loser Recaps. I will be doing one each week. Let me warn you. I swear. A lot. And am very opinionated. VERY. If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I will not hold back. I may say things you don't like, but it is my opinion.

During Season 7, I said that I would like to blog about The Biggest Loser (known from here on out as TBL). I started watching it during the third episode so I didn't want to start then.

This year, I made a point to start watching at the very beginning. Last season was the first season I had ever watched. AND I LOVED IT. I have blogged a little bit about how much TBL has meant to me. It is such a motivation to me.

Just a note as to how I plan to do these recaps: The set up I have used is basically the way I want to do this. Some important quotes during each show, a short "recap," random thoughts, and ending with who went home. If you have suggestions, please comment and leave them there.

Important Quotes From Episode 1

"Lives that are fragmented..."
"Finding my new normal..."
"They all have a story they tell themselves"


Season 8 started out by making it clear to the audience that this was a season of second chances. I really believed that by the end of the show. I was so excited to see Daniel back. And Abby's story broke my heart. I don't know how I could pick up and move on after something like she's been through. I have blogged about how much my world is Michael. I have no idea how I would put one foot in front of the other if something happened to him. So, I admire Abby. So much.

Several important things happened to some contestants during this episode. And I actually would have loved to see everyone's health assessment and wonder why they only showed a couple. One person that they did show really touched me. Sean had no clue that he had Type II Diabetes. My heart broke for him as much as it broke for Abby. My family is rampant with all types of diabetes. My brother has Type II diabetes. He's 23. I know. And it could have been prevented.

Just some random thoughts from the rest of the show:

-Thought it was interesting they had the contestants run the last mile of the run the contestants did last season. It felt like I was starting where I left over. Felt comfortable.

-There was a lot of swearing on this one. From Jillian AND Bob. Now, I'm not the type of person that shies away from swearing. Obviously So, even I was surprised by all the language. But in a good way. Because for me, I would NEED someone to get on my ass.

-On top of a lot of swearing, there was a lot of puking...throwing up...vomiting...whatever. And this, I DO NOT do well with.

-I love how Daniel was a cheerleader throughout the whole thing. I really hope he does well and continues to encourage and does not let the game go to his head. I think he is focused on the game but not to the point to where he forgets about other people.

-Also, I loved Coach Mo. I loved his name, his ambition, how he kept eyeing everyone as they weighed in...everything. I don't have a favorite yet but he might become it.

-I can't stand to see Jillian cry. This is sometimes the hardest part of the show for me. Because she is such a hard ass most of the time, I forget she is human and has feelings. And that is hard for me.

-My last thought about the show is that I loved Jillian's take on the idea of stories. We all have our story about how we got where we were. We let our stories run our lives, define who we are, and by that, we don't change our story. Loved this idea!

Who went home?

Alexandra was the first to go home. I thought she deserved another week. I thought Julio DID NOT try his hardest. I thought he should have been able to lose more weight. And, I thought his ass got lucky. However, this may have been a good thing for her. She has lost 60 pounds. WOW. I thought she looked great.


  1. MackAttack said...
    Great recap! I agree, Jillian was brilliant with that statement. We aren't defined by our past we can define our future.
    jo said...
    I didn't see the second half of the show, so I missed Jillian's statement. And a lot of other stuff! Darn it.

    I don't mind swearing, I do enough of it myself. I don't like that screaming she was doing at people. I don't like that pushy attitude they both had. I would fuck you and leave and go do it on my own. I have no patience for that! It just wouldn't work for me. lol

    Everyone is different, huh. I wouldn't have survived in the military and I know it! =)

    I did see the part where the doctor told the guy he had diabetes. My heart just ached for him. I think it was about then that the phone rang.

    I am anxious to watch this show, to keep an open mind about the show. It will be nice to have a place to discuss it. I don't know that I'll do it on my blog or not. I'm too chatty as it is without bringnig up a TV show. lol
    SeaShore said...
    Alexandra did look great. Who do you think is her secret crush? Daniel?
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