Change is Coming

And I feel like I'm drowning in it. Change is happening at work and I'm so nervous. The good thing is I STILL HAVE A JOB. I keep repeating this to myself. I still have a job. I still have a place to go to and make money. I will still make my house payment. But there will be some adjusting. I'm moving to a different location but will have the same job.

My second realization is that I am gaining a new family. I'm not very familiar with some of these people. But it's okay. I love Michael and I know he loves me. I can deal with the new family a little bit at a time.

I am still battling the IRS to get my First Time Home Owners tax credit and it feels like a never ending battle. I am drained. I am tired. And I just want it to be over.

On a different note, I lost two pounds last week. I was happy. At this point, I'm just happy maintaining. I know the loss will probably be gained but as long as the scale stays around 245 right now, I'm happy. I will worry about losing when the wedding is over, the IRS mess is over, and the work change is final. I'll always have the family so that's an ongoing process.

Without change there can't be progress right? Yeah, well, I guess.


  1. Crys said...
    I'm with you on that. I swear every time I find the meaning of life, they change it! Change is good, but a little continuity can be welcomed at times. From one Crystal that has a whole lot of change going on to another, hang in there!
    Ryan and Amanda K. said...
    Gee I wonder who you're talking about? Hahaha!
    jo said...
    You really do have a lot going on right now. Congrats on your loss, and I like that you're not worrying about losing right now but maintaining. I know you'll focus on healthy choices, but your focus is on marriage, new family, work...great that you're not going to overwhelm yourself by adding more stress to it. That would make me crack!
    MackAttack said...
    Thats fantastic that you still have a job. What a trying economy...Great job losing weight with all of these stressors. Gaining a new family can be stressful, but I swear it's about the attitude, my relationship with my inlaws became great when I realized that they made my husband the man he is and I am grateful for them for that. Plus, I also realized that they aren't going anywhere!

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