My First Award- Oh My

I was so excited to open up my email today and see this. Jen at Ex Hot Girl has bestowed upon me this fantabulous blog award. This is my first one...Oh My! Thank you so much!

Now it's my turn to pass on the love. I do a lot of blog surfing. I will hop blog to blog continuously. However, I do read certain blogs more because I can relate to them more. Unfortunately, I can only pick five so here I go:

1. Jo at 282.5 is nothing if not honest. She tells it like it is and is such an inspiration. I know she has already received this but I wanted to give it to her also.

2. Lola at Lola Fierce has been a great encourager for me. She blogs with a sense of humor and humanity. Love her!

3. H.K. at H.K Weighs In is also a very humorous blogger to read. She's very honest and very good at making a plan. Not only does she talk about her weight loss, she writes about life in general.

4. Kelly at Happy Texans is a new blogger I have been reading. She posts her food everyday and I love that. She has great ideas and I love that.

5. Angie at Angie's Weigh is currently going through a boot camp. I love that she tells about it everyday along with a recap of her day.

I love to read blogs from everyone. If I didn't choose you, it's not because I don't like you. I could only pick 5! Tape it up everyone and don't forget to choose your 5!


  1. jo said...
    Thank you. That actually made me tear up. =) I appreciate your kind words more than you know!
    Monica said...
    Yay, new blogs to check out! How in the WORLD did you post the reward though dammit! LOL
    H.K. said...
    Ohhh, thank you!!!! That is so sweet of you! I think I'm emotional today becuase like Jo, I was tearing up reading that....thanks again!
    "4 oz" said...
    Wow! Congrats! I will check out the blogs you mentioned! I'm a loyal reader of Lola (I'm sure you know that) but I haven't checked out the others!
    Kelly said...
    You are so sweet. Thank you very much. I love your blog too.
    Teena in Toronto said...

    Angie over at Angie's Weigh is my pal and she rocks!
    Anonymous said...
    Crystal! You are so sweet. :o) Thank you so much!
    Angie in TO said...
    Thanks Crystal! That means a lot to me! :) I look forward to reading your blog too.

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