I'm Not Dying

I know, it's good news. My doctor got my blood tests back and has figured out part of my problem. My enzymes in my body are low..the enzymes that process food you eat are low. Which is WHY when I eat raw vegetables/salad, I feel like I am dying. So basically, I just have to take it easy for a little bit and let my stomach get back to normal. Hell if I know how it got this way and my doctor says that it sometimes "just happens." Let's not let it happen again shall we? According to her, I have no control over it and "it's not my fault." So, for right now, we have to continue eating things that are easy for the stomach to digest. Basically, the BRAT diet: B-bananas, R-rice, A-applesauce, T-toast (or other easy to digest items). We'll see what happens.

I have decided that while I am having to eat easy to digest foods, I am not going to weigh. However, I am also not going to be eating unhealthy stuff either. My goal at the moment is to maintain, maintain, maintain. Once I get some strength back, I will begin to walk again.

On a brighter note, I can go back to work tomorrow. YAY! Sitting here frustrates me. TO THE MAX.


  1. jo said...
    How weird is that. Well, I'm really glad you're not dying! I'm glad that it will get better and that you're able to go back to work tomorrow.

    I hope this heals up really fast!
    Kelly said...
    Huh. I wonder if you can take enzyme pills that you get from the health store to help with digestion. Just a thought.

    Glad you were able to figure out what's wrong! Hoping you get better soon. :)
    Angie in TO said...
    You can buy natural enzymes at health food stores to help you digest food better. They work really well.
    Val said...
    I hate stuff that "just happens." Give me answers dammit!
    Glad its quite fixable :) enjoy your applesauce...yummm
    And have fun at work tomorrow! Even though that sounds soooo wrong to say ;)
    Teena in Toronto said...
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Anonymous said...
    WOW, I had never heard of that. Take it easy Crystal. And take care of yourself.

    Anonymous said...

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