Yesterday was an interesting day for me. My dad's side of the family had a family reunion. There has not been one in 15 years. I did not know hardly anyone but they knew my dad and knew of me. It was crazy looking around and seeing people I have never seen before and they look JUST LIKE ME..or at least they have similar features. It was crazy. Another thing I realized is there are a lot of overweight people in my family. Part of my ongoing issue is definitely genetic. I'm not using it as an excuse..that's just the way it is. There were more overweight people than normal weight people. I was actually on the smaller side. I enjoyed it though. I learned that my family is from all kinds of places but mainly Ireland. It's crazy though that there were not really any red headed people there. I saw mainly dark hair..just like mine.

I took some pictures of mine and Michael's house today. I wanted to post them here for everyone to see.

I will post more as time goes on. I am really falling in love with our house but at the same time, I am very overwhelmed by the thought of it. I am trying to take one day, one room at a time. Right now, we are working on the kitchen. We have painted the kitchen a green color and I want to put up a sunflower border. The ladder is in the way but you can still see the color. I love the color.

As for everything else life related, my grandmother is getting more and more agitated as the days go on. I know that she has issues processing information and feedback. If we tell her to do something (or to not to do something), she is taking it that we do not want her here. Or, she just gets completely irrational. Whatever.

I have kind of gone overboard with the food this weekend. I know I had a huge loss on Saturday so I am not sure why it hasn't motivated me to eat better on the weekends. I love food..period. I have learned to control everything that goes in my mouth Monday through Thursday/Friday. Why am I so lenient with myself on Saturday and Sunday? Do I feel like I have somehow "deserved" to be out of control on those days? I don't know. That's something I want to think about as I continue this journey.

I went walking today! I was so happy that I have gotten up the motivation to go walking. Mocha, my chocolate lab, has been walking with me. See Mocha.

She is very helpful on my walks. She pulls me up the hills and will not allow me to stop. She keeps going no matter what. However, the only issue we are having is she is scared to death out of the fence (we have a fenced in yard). She does not like seeing other dogs.

I look forward to this week. I really want to begin walking at least 15 minutes everyday. I will post updates on how I am doing with that. I'm going to try to start something new this week with the blog. I want to post "weekly goals" that I will try to achieve.

Goal(s) This Week:
Walk 15 minutes a day


  1. Angie in TO said...
    I think everyone has a harder time on the weekends, we fall out of our "weekly" schedule. It's and ongoing process. I know on Sundays for me, I usually have a big breakfast, so I make lunch more of a "snack" and then have a normal dinner. Good to have a walking buddy, specially one that will pull you up those hills! :)
    Beautiful home, and I love the color, a sunflower boarder will set it off even more.
    H.K. said...
    I think alot of people have the same problems on sticking with a diet on weekends. I think one of the reasons is that on weekends the schedule is different than on week days. The main thing is to not beat yourself up for it and get back on track!

    I love your house!

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