Getting Ready for a New Week

It's Sunday evening. For me, Sunday evenings are all about organizing...making sure I have my food planned and available for the week. Actually, Saturday is the day I plan my food and Sunday is the day I go over it and make sure I'm not exceeding calories and what not. I use Calorie King for now as my calorie counter. When the time runs up on my year, I will most likely change to a free counter. It's very important that I prepare a week ahead. It's almost like a game for me. Almost like psyching myself up for the week. My internal dialogue is crazy on Sunday nights. Maybe I'll post some of it one day.

But anywho, how do you prepare for the week or do you prepare?

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  1. Kate said...
    I don't prepare :(

    I was thinking tonight that I'd make a menu for the week, but whenever I've done that in the past I've deviated from it big time. I think maybe I'll plan tonight for tomorrow's meals, as even that's a big step up from what I usually do.

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