Okay, so is it just me or has the show so far had a theme each week? Last week, the theme was to see how many times Jillian said the f-word and how mean Bob could get. This week, the theme was definitely cooperation and coming together as a team. "Everybody loves everybody" is the way one of my co-workers put it. I don't know how I felt about this episode so if the recap is a little mechanical, that is why. I just didn't see any competition and I'm not sure what is up with the pink team. I like that there is no certain team but I feel like the competition is not there yet.

Important Quotes from Episode 2 (There were a lot of them)

"You owe" (said by Coach Mo to Julio)
"It will be done" (said by Coach Mo to the group)
"Gym is like a truth serum" (said by Jillian)
"Gotta let go-let go of mom" (said by Shae)
"This is your life, what are you going to do with it?" (said by Bob to Shae)
"15 of us just told week 2 where to shove it" (said by Shae)

There was also a quote I liked but can't remember the exact words. Bob said it to Shae. It went something like, "It's okay to have feelings but have the strength to deal with them." I loved this quote.


So the stars aligned for Episode 2 and for all the contestants. Traci came back, Sean found out he was having a girl, and no one went home. All challenges, physical and mental, were met. Curtis Stone came in to give a run down about nutrition and various ways of cooking. Then, the teams had to answer questions about what they had learned. Because they won, they had a 15lb advantage.

They also had a physical challenge in which they had to cross narrow beams to platforms. The first two platforms were 5lb platforms. This meant if they got there, they received a 5lb advantage. They got to both so they received the 10lb advantage. The third platform was for phone calls home. They also met this one and got the phone calls. (During one of these, Sean found out he and his wife was having a girl). Then, to get back to the other platform, they would get a 10 more pound advantage. They also did this. I have to admit: I was proud of them. I cried. I honestly didn't think they would make it. For me, this was the best moment.

Random Thoughts:

-Julio really was pissing me off in the beginning. I was thinking he was intentionally sabotaging. In the end, I ate my words. He lost 19lbs...IN WEEK TWO!

-Loved the tug-o-war with Jillian and Rudy. Then Bob joined it and it was hilarious. "Pull Jillian!" "I am pulling Bob!"

-I loved the happy dance from Sean and Antoine. Really made me smile.

-I loved the really touching moment with Bob and Shae. I have a feeling they will continue to wear her down. I don't feel she trusts them completely yet; but I don't know if I would either if I had gone through what she had. I think there is a lot more to her that we haven't seen so far. I hope this becomes therapy for her, and she uses this experience.

-I am liking how Bob and Jillian are working together. I'm also really loving Coach Mo. While I haven't developed a favorite, he's working on it.

-The moment with Traci and Coach Mo was also really touching. I feel he really cares for people and it so shows when he talks with people.

Who went home?

NOBODY! The contestants met the 115lbs they had to lose together. In fact, they exceeded the original 150lb challenge by 5 pounds. Go Season 8!


  1. MackAttack said...
    It kinda annoys me that we don't know what was wrong with Traci. They usually tell us what's wrong with the contestants...
    Crystal said...
    I'm just guessing here but maybe she signed a privacy notice saying they couldn't tell. I was thinking something heart related but that was just me.
    Eric said...
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