Skipping the Scale?

Today is my weigh in day. I thought about skipping today altogether and just weighing next week. I have eaten a lot of processed stuff this week, mainly because it was easier for my stomach to digest. I went back to the doctor yesterday because I was still sick and not feeling well. She said my stomach lining and stomach was inflamed. It could have been caused by stress or just changing the way I eat. I get sick if I eat anything of any substance. So, I was really afraid that the processed food would cause the scale to inflate.

Then, I thought about being honest with myself, even if I was sick. So I weighed. And I'm not sure about whether I should be happy with it or not. 242.2. I'm back to where I was three weeks ago. Which is good, but I don't know if I lost it because I was sick or what. We'll see what the scale does next week.


  1. Kelly said...
    Hey, a loss is a loss. Congrats! Hope you are feeling back to normal soon.
    jo said...
    So what do you do? What is supposed to cure you? Continue to eat easily digestible foods until it gets better?

    When you're sick, you're sick. You may not eat how you want to, but eat what you can hold down and doesn't make you uncomfortable.

    Feel better soon!

    I'm happy for your loss--don't worry about numbers now, just fel better!
    Teena in Toronto said...
    If I know that I've had a bad week, I don't go near the scale.
    Anonymous said...
    A loss is a loss! Congratulations...and I'm glad you are feeling better.
    Angie in TO said...
    I think it's always better to be honest with yourself.

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