We're Closed

One thing I love about having a blog is people get interested in what's going on in your life. I had a comment in my last post here asking about the closing of my house. Thank you so much 4 oz. Lets me know you care.

The closing went really well and without any issues. I really enjoyed the whole process once I got over my anxiety of it all. The lawyer was wonderful and my realtor and broker/lender was there. This made it all very easy to deal with and I understood what was going on. Before the closing, my anxiety was through the roof. During the closing, I was very calm and very focused. After the closing, I was very nervous, almost nauseous. Even now, I am little nervous about the whole situation.

My food was not that great today. It was okay and could have been worse. I have only gone over 67 calories. I'm not sure how this week is going to be anyway for me. The stress is through the roof for me. Combine my grandmother, with my house closing, and trying to work my ass off at work, I'm starving. For me, when I am really stressed, I get really hungry. I have tried to control what I eat to ensure that at least I don't gain.

I'm also nervous about the doctor tomorrow. I have an artificial aorta valve. I have had it since I was 9 and I am almost 26 years old. They generally only last 10 years but mine has lasted 17 years. We are going to find out how the valve is doing now and how I am doing in general. This creates enormous stress for me. I am so scared something will be wrong. I don't want to admit this fear because I feel like I need to protect everyone around me from me. Does that make sense? I guess we will see what happens.

Hope everyone is doing well with their week. I will definitely be here tomorrow to tell everyone how my doctor's appointment went.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Congratulations on your new home! I've been thinking about you all day. I'm so glad everything went well.

    And good luck tomorrow. Wow girl, a lot of very big events going on in one week for you. Hang in there.
    jo said...
    Congrats on your new home. Glad it's over...relax and enjoy.

    It is scary what you're facing. Find someone (or the blog) to share it with, though. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow while I'm doing my taxes and hoping the appointment goes well and the news is good.

    SeaShore said...
    Good luck at your appointment. I hope all is well.
    H.K. said...
    I hope your doctor appt. goes well! Please update with how your appt. goes and I'm glad you're getting a new home!

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