To Weigh or Not To Weigh

This is a question I struggle with everyday. Do I get on the scale today or wait until "weigh-day?" What if I just want to see how I am doing. Then, I say to myself, well, self, this will keep you in check and let you see how you are doing.

I know a lot of bloggers on here weigh themselves every single day. And, they track their progress as to how they are doing each day. For me, this will not work. For whatever reason, I am lighter during the beginning of the week than the end. And when I go to weigh in on Saturday, overnight on Friday night, I seem to lose all those extra pounds accumulated during the week. So I have compromised. I try to only weight myself Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...just to make sure I am on track. Saturdays are weigh days and that's when it counts.

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this?

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  1. Lola said...
    I weigh every single day. And I know I shouldn't...but I swear, it helps me. It helps to keep my weight as a priority and it allows me not to hide from indulgences or saying something like, "well, it doesn't matter if I have this now, I don't weigh until xxx days." I'm a person that likes to use avoidance as a strategy -- so the constant reminder that ignoring it is not going to make the problem go away is helpful for ME.

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